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Here is a picture of all the parts of the Spector. It's a fairly small mini that represents a light 'Mech, though it has decent detail. The main problem I have with the sculpt is that both legs are in the "back" position, with the feet aft of the center of gravity. This seems odd for either standing or running.

If you've read my previous articles, you may know by now that I like to modify my miniatures. For the Spector, I did 2 mods. The first one was simple, just drilling out the barrel of the right arm gun to give some depth. The second was to move the left leg forward to make a more reasonable dynamic pose. To do this, I made a cut at the left hip, ankle, and toes. I didn't realize that the color was off in the next photo until I had done more work; sorry about that.

I used some white Milliput (epoxy putty) to reconstruct the hip joint and toes where I sawed them. I used the leftover Milliput to start on filling in the hex base. The final assembled mini is shown below.

The next picture is a sequence of the steps involved in preparing the base. At the time, I was thinking of just doing a generic grassy base, though I got inspired to do something different after I was done painting (more on that later). For now, I had 3 steps: add a shard of rock behind the left foot, fill in the base with drywall spackle, and add some fine brown ballast. Starting from this simple foundation, you can go for a lot of neat effects with a hex base.

Here is a picture of the primered mini. Note that unlike my last 2 entries, I have chosen to do this one with white. This also has a good view of the right arm barrel I bored out; the tip is almost totally flat on the stock mini.


Page 1: Starting |  Page 2: Assembly |  Page 3: PaintingPage 4: DetailingPage 5: Basing