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Welcome to the 2020 Heavygauss Summer Sale. I'll have these things available for a week or so, and will manage things through the Battletech International Trade and Sell group on Facebook. Items are priced to move, and are first-come, first-served. I'm willing to negotiate if you're looking to buy a large number of items. Payment should be via PayPal, and for buyers in the US shipping is $8 USPS Priority Mail but free if your total is more than $150 (int'l buyers please ask about shipping rates).

Painted minis - Sets

[all sold]

Painted vehicles and aerofighters

NameAsking PriceNotes
Defiance $12 Custom Lyran scheme.
Eagle $12 Marik Militia scheme.
Gotha $12
Hammerhead $12 Redjack Ryan scheme, matches a Sai, Panther and Jenner.
Sai $12 Redjack Ryan scheme, matches a Hammerhead, Panther and Jenner.
Vandal $12 SLDF markings.
Vulcan $12 Mercenary scheme: The Head Hunters

Infantry and Individual Protomechs

NameAsking PriceNotes
Fa-Shih BA (4 pcs) $8 Painted like the color plate in FM:Capellan Confederation
Salamander BA (5 pcs) $10 Orange flame scheme.
Undine BA (5 pcs) $10 Gray Clan Diamond Shark scheme.
Basilisk $8 Clan Cloud Cobra, Gamma Galaxy.
Centaur $8 Clan Nova Cat, Xi Galaxy.
Chrysaor $8 Clan Nova Cat, Xi Galaxy.
Delphyne $10 Clan Blood Spirit, Sigma Galaxy.
Harpy $8 Clan Hell's Horses, Delta Galaxy.
Hydra $8 Clan Hell's Horses, Delta Galaxy.
Orc $8 Clan Hell's Horses, Delta Galaxy.
Procyon $8 Clan Coyote, Nu Galaxy.
Satyr $8 Clan Smoke Jaguar.
Siren $8 Clan Cloud Cobra Epsilon Galaxy
Triton $8 Clan Goliath Scorpion's Alpha Galaxy.

Painted mechs - Individuals

NameAsking PriceNotes
Centurion $35 2016 resculpt (CN9-AL), 17th Donegal Guards
Dragon Fire $25 Ericksson's Einherjar scheme.
Galahad (IS) $30 Custom tan/turquoise scheme.
Gallant $25 SLDF scheme.
Gestalt $25 WOB scheme.
Goshawk II $35 Featured on the IWM product catalog.
Grendel $20 Test piece for exotic camo scheme.
Griffin (Francine) $20 Custom Lyran scheme; sculpt from the Wolf and Blake mech pack.
Legionnaire $30 8th FedCom RCT
Paladin $25 Custom "dinosaur camo" scheme.
Raptor II $25 WOB scheme.
Ronin $20 Custom two-tone green scheme.
Stag $25 Clan Wolverine.
Stinger (GAMA) $60 The rare one-piece GAMA reseen Stinger from 2004; 2nd Night Stalkers scheme
Wolfhound (2H) $25 Custom Lyran militia scheme.

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