This page has several photographs that have been altered to include Battletech figures. Most of them were made by Jim Fanjoy.

Mech Picture "Overrun"
An AXM-2N piloted by Ghengis supports many platoons of infantry as they overrun a hardened position.

Mech Picture "Villagers"
During the era of Jihad, a peaceful village stands ready to defend itself against the coming evil horde.

Mech Picture "Saving Ryan Steiner"

Mech Picture "Godzilla"
Civilians run in terror during this night-time raid by Red Jack Ryan's bandits.

Mech Picture "Backyard Toy"
Jim keeps his RFL-3N parked in his back yard in Muncie, IN. His neighbors are always afraid Jim will crush their truck when he goes out on Saturday night.

Mech Picture "The Wall"
The Capellan Confederation will stop at nothing to defend their ancestral homeland on Terra.

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