Rare Mech Packages

This section has photos of rare packages that I've been able to come across. It will have anything in a Battledroids package, as well as any other packaging of the Battledroids mechs that I can find. Note that I don't currently own any of these, and this certainly is not an offer to sell them. It's just for your information.

Mech Picture "Battleaxe"
This is a really old package for the Battleax. I'm not sure when or where it's from, but I think it might be a foreign release.

Mech Picture "Battledroids Battleaxe"

Mech Picture "Battletech Battleax"
Here is the Battleax in the early Battletech packaging.

Mech Picture "Battledroids Behemoth"
It's an engineering marvel that they crammed the whole thing into one blister pack.

Mech Picture "Battledroids Cestus"

Mech Picture "Battledroids Cestus"
Here is the Battledroids Cestus in the early Battletech packaging.

Mech Picture "Battledroids Crossbow"

Mech Picture "Battledroids Falcon"

Mech Picture "Battledroids Flea"
Note that this is the same casting of the Flea that was produced for years afterwards as a Battletech miniature.

Mech Picture "Battledroids Hornet"

Mech Picture "Battledroids Hornet"
Here is the Battledroids Hornet in a the early Battletech packaging.

Mech Picture "Battledroids Vulcan"

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