Museum Scale Miniatures

Ral Partha released a set of 4 large scale minis in the late 1990s. They were unpopular due to cost and the fact that they weren't playable. However, they look very cool and are great collector's items.

Mech Picture Atlas: "Headless Horseman"
Here is an Atlas with a nightime camo, and a pumpkin-head paint job. I think it came out pretty well, and this is a pretty cool Halloween type mech. :)

STATUS: Custom job, delivered August 2001.

Mech Picture Atlas
Everyone loves an Atlas, and with the museum scale version there's much more to love. :) This one has been painted in a 3-tone spring field camo scheme, and features hand-painted House Steiner markings.

STATUS: Sold, July 2001.

Mech Picture Madcat
The museum-scale Madcat stands about 3.5 inches tall. I have added torso twist to this one, and painted it in a Clan Wolf-in-Exile paint scheme based on the traditional Wolf scheme shown in the Battletech compendium.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 11/1999.

Mech Picture Vulture
This museum-scale piece has been painted in a bright white snow camo, and includes Clan Ghost Bear markings. The terrain on the base has been frosted over to represent a snowy field.

STATUS: Completed, 2/2002. Sold, 5/2002.

Mech Picture Zeus: "God Father"
Zeus is a classic assault mech, popular since the 3025 time frame. It's always been the flagship assault mech of House Steiner. As such, I decided to do this museum-scale figure in 3025-era markings for the 14th Donegal Guards (paint scheme based on the Camo Specs book, markings and locations from FM: LA). The mech is titled "God Father", which (among other implications) is a reference to the fact that mythological Zeus was the father of the Gods.

STATUS: Completed and sold, 1/2003.

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