Here are a few mini dioramas. When I have painted a unit for a diorama at a convention (for example, GenCon), I'll generally post that as a unit rather than here under dioramas.

Mech Picture "Marik Troops Disembark" (2003)
Here, a lance of FWL troops disembark from a grounded Leopard-class Dropship. I painted the dropship, Urbiemech painted the minis.

Mech Picture "Patrol on Hesperus" (2001)
In this scene, a pair of Lyran Regulars lances patrol the countryside. Up close is a fast attack lance equipped with some higher-quality equipment, and in the background is a traditional 3025-era lance.

Mech Picture "Ambush on Mt. Poncho" (1999)
In this scene, a Rifleman sneaks up on an unsuspecting trio of clan mechs on a scout mission. Using the ridgeline of Mt. Poncho as cover, the Rifleman takes aim with its autocannons.

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