Clan Unit Pictures

Mech Picture "Steel Viper Alpha Recon Star"
This CSV Alpha Star has a Fire Moth (Dasher), Cougar, Mist Lynx (Koshi), Stormcrow (Ryuken), and Viper (Dragonfly).

STATUS: Completed 02/2023.

Mech Picture "Clan Jade Falcon Zeta Galaxy Binary"
I painted this Clan Jade Falcon Zeta unit for the Alpha Strike core rule book in 2013. Minis include Black Lanner, Black Hawk, Thor, Uller, Gladiator, Madcat, Loki, Hankyu, Vulture, and Cauldron Born. Unfortunately, I made an error on the lower torso plates of Madcat and Vulture that appears in the rule book. However, I fixed the mechs later and this group photo shows them the proper way.

Mech Picture "Clan Hell's Horses 201st Mechanized Assault"
This star from CHH Gamma Galaxy consists of: Hunchback IIC, Epona, Mars, Madcat Mk II, Oro, and Shadow Hawk IIC.

Mech Picture "MW4 Jade Falcon unit in Treeline Camo"
This ia a Clan Jade Falcon star painted in a scheme inspired by the MW4 video game. There is a Vulture, Daishi, Cougar, Loki, and Thor.

Mech Picture "Smoke Jaguar Star"
Here is a medium-weight Clan Smoke Jaguar star. From the left: Treefrog (UK), Koshi, Ryoken, Ryoken, Shadow Cat.

Mech Picture "Urban Star IIC"
Here is an Clan Cloud Cobra second-line urban star. Clockwise from the left: Hunchback IIC, Highlander IIC, Rifleman IIC, Wyvern IIC, and Urbanmech IIC.

Mech Picture "Recon Star IIC"
This is a Clan Fire Mandrill recon star made of second line mechs. Clockwise from the left: Jagermech IIC (UK), Phoenix Hawk IIC, Shadow Hawk IIC, Locust IIC, and Jenner IIC.

Mech Picture "Madcat Star"
Here are 4 matching Madcats painted in a 2-tone gray camo, with custom merc markings. Talk about torture for a custom job...

Mech Picture "Storm Lance"
Here is the Heavy Omnimechs boxed set painted in a 2-tone blue storm camo with gold highlights. It includes Clan Ghost Bear markings. From the left: Thor, Madcat, Vulture, Loki.

Mech Picture Ghost Bear Jungle Star
This picture didn't turn out too well, but it's a star of mechs in 3-tone jungle camo. From the left: Loki, Shadow Cat, Super Nova, Black Hawk, and Thor.

Mech Picture "Ghost Bear Arctic Star 1"
This is the Assault Omnimechs boxed set painted in an arctic camo scheme with Clan Ghost Bear markings. From the left: Masakari, Gladiator, Man O War, and Daishi.

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