Large Battletech Items

This page is for the larger items that don't quite fit elsewhere. Armorcast produced a few large-scale (25mm scale) 'Mechs made of resin. IWM produced a miniatures-sized dropship from foam.

Mech Picture IWM Leopard Dropship
This dropship is painted in a Free Worlds League scheme.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 5/2004.

Mech Picture Armorcast Atlas
This Atlas is painted in an urban camo scheme, with markings from the 14th Donegal Guards in 3025-era. The side of the head has the logo "KriegSturm" on it. The big logos are hand painted, and there are kill markers on the left arm for both Kurita and Marik mechs.

STATUS: Custom job, complete 2002.

Mech Picture Armorcast Vulture
This is the Vulture, which stands 8" high and features torso twist and rotating / elevating guns. It has been painted in a Clan Ghost Bear desert camo scheme. The unit markings are for CGB Beta Galaxy.

STATUS: This model sold, 11/2000.

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