Inner Sphere Unit Pictures

Mech Picture "Kurita 5th Sword of Light Force"
This is a set of Kurita minis I painted in 2016 for Combat Manual: Kurita, which is focused on the Alpha Strike ruleset. The Hunchback, Panther, Jenner, Dragon, Spider, and Cyclops are plastics from the Introductory Boxed Set, while the "classic" Marauder is a prototype (and will hopefully go into production some day).

Mech Picture "Redjack Ryan Pirate Force"
This is a set of Redjack Ryan minis I painted in 2016. The Jenner and Panther are plastics from the Introductory Boxed Set, while the Sai and Hammerhead are metal.

Mech Picture "Kurita 12th Ghost Lance"
This is a lance of 12th Ghost 'Mechs I painted for the cover of the Kurita Boxed set, released in late 2005.

Mech Picture "Burton's Brigade Units"
Here is a group of minis I painted for Burton's Brigade. This was originally done as a promo for the Kings and Pawns event in 2004, and later the Grasshopper was used in the book Mercenaries Supplemental 2.

Mech Picture "MW4 Star League unit in Cyanide Camo"
This is a unit painted in a scheme from the MW4 video game. There is an Uziel, Thanatos, Raven, and Atlas.

Mech Picture "17th Donegal Guards Lance"
Here is a 17th Donegal Guards lance (note the Cheshire Cat logo). This unit consists of a Black Angel (a fan-casting custom mech), Scorpion, Longbow, and Valkyrie.

Mech Picture "4th Donegal Guards Lance"
Here is another 4th Donegal Guards lance. This is a heavy lance in 3062 colors, consisting of a Gallowglas, Catapult, Hatchetman, and Hunchback.

Mech Picture "Davion Heavy Guard Lance"
This is a Davion Heavy Guards assault lance consisting of a Devastator, Marauder, Warhammer, and Templar. It is augmented by a Buccaneer serving as a scout.

Mech Picture "2nd Genyosha Battalion"
That's right, here's 36 mechs painted in a matching scheme. Most of them are heavies and assaults, so this is one grim fighting force.

Mech Picture "11th Lyran Regulars Assault Group"
This is another paint scheme that I like, my interpretation on the LR scheme in the FM:LA. When mindful of variants, this mix of mechs / vehicles can be used effectively in virtually any time frame. The set is: Rifleman, Atlas, Drillson, Banshee, and Axeman.

Mech Picture "Lyran Regulars Fast Attack Lance"
I like this paint scheme. :) The lance itself is pretty brutal, also. The mechs are fast and can overtake a retreating enemy force and dismember it. From the left: Blitzkrieg, Griffin, Wolfhound, Scarabus.

Mech Picture "Kearny Highlanders"
Here is a lance of Kearny Highlanders mechs in a traditional Scottish kilt paint scheme. Clockwise from upper left: Black Knight, Highlander, Blackwatch, Tempest.

Mech Picture "FedCom RCT Lance"
This 3058-era assault lance is painted in the colors of the 1st FedCom Regimental Combat Team (RCT), as seen in the FM: Federated Suns. Clockwise from the left is Devastator, Rakshasa, Salamander, and Nightstar.

Mech Picture "Kurita Assault Lance"
Here is a modern-tech 3060 Kurita Assault Lance. It has a flashy white and green Draconis Combine paint scheme, and each mech is a DC design. From the left is O Bakemono, No Dachi, Tai Sho, and Akuma.

Mech Picture "Marik Attack Lance"
Here is a modern-tech Marik attack lance. It has an eye-catching tan autumn camo with white and purple markings. Each mech has Free Worlds League detailing, and each one can often be found on FWL rosters. Clockwise from the left is Albatross, Toyama, Perseus, and Huron Warrior.

Mech Picture "Arctic Lance"
This is a white / gray arctic camo lance with custom merc insignia. I like how it came out. It contains an Atlas, Goliath, Daishi, and Battlemaster.

Mech Picture "Zebra Lance"
This is a House Marik omnimech unit that contains 3 captured clan mechs. From the left: Nova Cat, Madcat, Vulture, and Avatar.

Mech Picture "Kurita Unit (2 lances)"
This is a 3-tone green camo Kurita unit. It's 2 lances, but the Avatar that finishes it is not pictured. Clockwise from the upper left is: Sentinel, Sunder, Katana, Dragon, Dragon Fire, Maelstrom, and Black Hawk Ku.

Mech Picture "Davion Alpine Lance"
Here's a heavy lance in my signature alpine camo paint scheme. From the left is Bandersnatch, Penetrator, Yeoman, and Falconer.

Mech Picture "Lyran Guard Lance"
This is a Lyran Guard lance that was one of my first custom jobs. It's not terrible, but I sure have improved since then! From the left is Wasp, Hornet, Banshee, Stinger, and Valkyrie.

Mech Picture Desert Marik Lance
This is a desert camo Marik lance with a Blackjack, Cougar, Owens, and Bushwacker.

Mech Picture "Steiner Lance"
This is an early lance that I painted, back in 1993. It is an early 3050 Lyran Regulars lance, with a Thunderbolt, Griffin, Flea, and Axeman.

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