Mech Picture "Kukri"
This mini has been modified into a more dynamic pose. The paint scheme was canonized for the Free Worlds League's 4th Regulan Hussars (Fanjoy, CSO, Feb 2007):
The 4th Regulan Hussars use a tan and brown camouflage with maroon highlights. Some Mechwarriors paint a Kukri on the hip of their 'Mech.

STATUS: Completed, 1/2006. Sold, 7/2008.

Mech Picture "Iron Man"
This Wyvern serves as a reserve guard unit in Kurita space. It is mounted on a "cleared woods" hex base and sports a House Kurita emblem on its chest. The paint scheme is a two-tone silver over blue design, and the markings blue 62 can be found on its legs.

STATUS: Sold, 07/1999.

Mech Picture "Brass Man"
Before the days of the Hatchetman and Urbanmech, the Wyvern was the main medium-weight urban-defense mech. Heavily armored and with a potent mix of weapons, the Wyvern works well in many environments. This particular mini was airbrushed with a metallic copper finish. This is one of my earlier works, from 1993. I re-photographed it in 2001.

STATUS: Completed in 1993. Sold, April 2001.

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