WRK-5B Warlock

The Warlock is a custom mech that I have been using since about 1990. I finally kitbashed / handmade a mini for it in 1998.

Mech Picture "Nordik Trek 2 - Redux"
This is what I had in mind with my previous paint job of this mech. Only, at the time I didn't have mad enuff skillz to pull it off. So this is the new and improved paint job of the same mech.

STATUS: Completed, 02/2003.

Mech Picture "Nordik Trek 2"
This mech is an artist original. Constructed from hand-carved pewter and the spare parts of 3 different Ral Partha designs, this mech won't be found anywhere else. It represents an optimized 40-ton mech, capable of nearly 40 damage per round but with maximum defensive capability. The two-tone blue-gray camoflauge is one of my early airbrush jobs, and a prototype for other mech paint schemes. In campaign play, this mech was usually piloted by Gord Nordik.

STATUS: Completed, spring 1998. Stripped for repainting, 2/2003.

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