The Vulcan is one of my favorite mechs by appearance, though it has never been particularly playable. The Vulcan is not related to the Battledroids Vulcan. To see the latter, go to my Battledroids page.

Mech Picture This mini is painted in the scheme of the Castilian Brigada. I modified the machine gun by substituting in one from an Elemental. It is featured in Total Warfare on pp. 262, 281, and 287.

STATUS: Completed 5/2006

Mech Picture "Knuckles"
This Vulcan is painted in an alpine camo scheme. It has 3025 Steiner markings, and Lyran Regulars insignia. It represents the mech of Jennifer "Knuckles" Rowley, one of my pilots in a campaign in 2001.

STATUS: Part of Dave's collection, not for sale.
Completed Sept 2001.

Mech Picture "Ant Exterminator"
From a game standpoint, it is most effective in neutralizing enemy infantry. This mini is painted in a two-tone drab camo with Steiner markings. Detail has been applied to the jump jets and flammable tanks.

STATUS: Completed, spring 1999. Sold, 12/1999.

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