There are 3 castings:

Mech Picture Beginner Set casting
This mini is painted in the colors of the Capellan Confederation's House Dai Da Chi: gold-tinged green with black highlights.
This mini appears on the inner box of the Classic Battletech Introductory Box Set.
This mini appears on page 15 of the Painting and Tactics Guide from the Classic Battletech Introductory Box Set.

STATUS: Completed 4/2005.

Mech Picture "Death Stalker"
1999 casting
Here is a more detailed conversion of the VND-5L. Aside from the addition of the sword, this mini had its weapons load modified to match the record sheet. The paint scheme and markings are for the Liao Death Commandos.

STATUS: Completed 5/2003. Sold, 6/2003.

Mech Picture "Green Destiny"
Old casting
This miniature is a custom conversion based on the original casting of the Vindicator. It represents the new variant of the mech found in the Record Sheets: Upgrades book. The VND-5L model has triple strength myomer and a sword in addition to its main weapons. This mini is done in Free Capella markings.

STATUS: Completed 5/2001. Sold, October 2001.

Mech Picture 1999 Casting
This is the three-piece 1999 casting of the Vindicator. The one shown here has an alpine camo scheme with Liao markings.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 06/2000.

Mech Picture "Gray Death Surprise"
Old Casting
The Vindicator is a well-rounded light-medium mech, based around the PPC (or ERPPC in 3050+). The original casting, seen here, was replaced in 1999 by a slightly larger resculpt. This mini is in the gray paint scheme of the infamous merc unit, the Gray Death Legion. Note the GDL logo on the PPC. The mini is shown ready for action on a suburban street.

STATUS: Sold, 11/1999.

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