Mech Picture Original Casting
This mini was one of the prototypes for the official paint scheme of the Castilian Brigada from Neuva Castile, a deep periphery location from FM:Periphery. The scheme is now official, and shown on CamoSpecs Online.
The Castilian Brigada are fiercely nationalistic, so most military machines are flamboyantly painted in the national colors. Vertical stripes of green and yellow are used on the limbs of 'Mechs, but the torso and head are left a dull metallic color.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 4/2004.

Mech Picture "Overlord 2"
Original Casting
This one is painted in an alpine camo scheme, with 3025 Steiner / Lyran Regulars markings.

STATUS: Completed Oct. 2001. This mech is not for sale.

Mech Picture "Tiger Panzer"
Second Casting
This is the newer casting of the Trebuchet, still one of my favorite fire-support medium mechs. This mech has been painted in a tiger-stripe scheme.

STATUS: Custom Job, delivered 06/2000.

Mech Picture "Overlord"
Original Casting
This mech goes with an Enforcer as my entries into a 3025 Battletech tourney in Omaha, NE 1991. Out of 60+ people, I got 2nd place. As one of my earlier paint jobs, this guy is fairly mediocre. :)

Through the tournament, Overlord destroyed every opponent who muttered the phrase "Trench Bucket" or referred to the mech as a "Tray Bay." In the final battle, Overlord missed a kick and fell (while undamaged), recieved a left-torso critical and the resulting ammo explosion destroyed him.

STATUS: Completed, 1991. Stripped, 2001.

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