STY-3C Starslayer

On some early packages, the name of this mech was misspelled "Srarslayer".

Mech Picture This mech is painted in an urban camo scheme, with custom merc markings. It is part of a battalion of matching mechs. It has been lightly modified to the STY-3D variant, which does not have the SRM-4.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 5/2003.

Mech Picture This Starslayer is painted in the blue-gray scheme of the Lyran Alliance's 14th Donegal Guard, the personal unit of Adam Steiner in the FedCom civil war. With a slightly rotated torso, the mech has a much better artistic presentation than the straight-on look.

STATUS: Completed, 10/2002. Sold, 11/2002.

Mech Picture Starslayer is a tough multi-role mech. This one is painted in the green and black camo of the Lyran Regulars, as shown in the Field Manual: Lyran Alliance. The markings include the Lyran Regulars roundel, and the crest of the 11th Lyran Regulars: The Hammers.

STATUS: Completed April 2001. Stripped for repainting, 9/2002.

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