Shadow Hawk

Shadowhawk is one of the "unseen" mechs. It is modeled after the Dougram armor in the anime series, Dougram: Fang of the Sun. It also appeared in the line of Revell © Robotech models, where it was known as "Zoltek." There are several castings of this mech: Related mechs include the Shadow Hawk IIC and the Primitive Shadow Hawk.

Mech Picture "Classic" 2K sculpt
This Shadow Hawk is painted in a 2nd Nightstalkers scheme inspired by the Shadow Hawk in the old Camospecs book.

STATUS: Completed 08/2017.

Mech Picture "Classic" sculpt
This Shadow Hawk is painted in a militia scheme inspired by the Lori Kalmar Locust on the cover of the Decision at Thunder Rift ebook. At GenCon 2017, I painted this as Dak painted a Locust to match the cover.

STATUS: Completed 08/2017.

Mech Picture "Excelsis Dio"
"Reseen" 7CS casting
Here is a Word of Blake 8th Army Shadow Hawk, standing over the wreckage of a Lyran Guard Cobra. The Cobra was destroyed by an ammo explosion, and the ruined core of the 'Mech is still smoldering.

STATUS: Completed 4/2005.

Mech Picture "Reseen" 7M casting
This mech is painted in the colors of the 10th Marik Militia, which is distinct from other MM units in that it lacks the blue stripe.

STATUS: Completed 2/2005.

Mech Picture "Unseen" casting
This mech is painted in an arctic camo scheme with Free Rasalhague Republic markings.

STATUS: Completed 2/2004, sold late 2004.

Mech Picture "Cobra Commander"
"Reseen" casting
Here's the "reseen" Shadowhawk. The mini is pretty cool, but the gun is a bit large out of scale. Upon close inspection, you can see that the sculptor made it from pieces of a Sagittaire and reseen Rifleman. The head reminds me of Cobra Commander, so that's how I chose to paint this mech.

STATUS: Completed 6/2003. Sold, summer 2003.

Mech Picture Unseen 1987 casting
This mech is part of a pre-3050 era Steiner unit painted in field greens. The hex base was left mostly bare by customer request. Note that the shoulder cannon is pinned so it can pivot between stowed and firing positions.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 02/2003.

Mech Picture "Marik Legacy"
Early Battledroids Casting
Here's a second old Shadowhawk. This one has the original shoulder gun. But I had to reconstruct the barrel of the arm gun, which had been completely sheared off. Anyway, this one has a Fusiliers of Oriente Marik paint scheme, as seen in the old Camo Specs guide.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered, 11/2001.

Mech Picture "Arkab Legacy"
Early Battledroids Casting
This is an example of the extremely rare original casting Shadowhawk. The bottom date appears to say 1985 or 1986. The mini is larger than the standard Shadowhawk, and is done in the same style as the original Griffin. The shoulder cannon was reconstructed in plastic. The paint job is a 3025 Arkab Legion scheme, as seen in the Camo Specs guide.

STATUS: Completed, July 2001. Sold, 10/2001.

Mech Picture "Night Stalker"
Unseen 1987 casting
This mini is a reproduction of the one shown in the Regimental Camo Schemes book, and has the markings of House Kurita and the Nightstalkers unit. Painted by Katherine Fanjoy.

STATUS: Sold, Sept. 2000.

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