Shadow Cat

Mech Picture This mech is part of a star of SLDF Nova Cat mechs. The paint job is a forest camo scheme with blue and silver checkers. The star contains a Nova Cat, Cauldron Born, Vulture, Nobori Nin, and Shadow Cat.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered Mar. 2002.

Mech Picture MechWarrior 3 Casting
This mech is part of a Smoke Jaguar star, painted in a smoke camo. It is the Mechwarrior 3 boxed set casting, which means it has more detail on the upper torso than the standard casting. The star consists of:
  • Wotan (UK)
  • Shadow Cat
  • Ryoken
  • Koshi
  • Tree Frog (UK)

STATUS: Custom job, delivered August 2001.

Mech Picture This Shadowcat is part of a Clan Ghost Bear Star. Teamed with a Supernova, Loki, Thor, and Blackhawk, this fighting unit is tough to beat. The mini wears 3-tone forest camo and red/black checkering, and shows the scars of intense combat duty.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered October 1999.

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