In addition to the standard casting, there is a Fantech version which is in a standing pose.

Mech Picture Fantech casting
This Nightsky is painted in a digital camo scheme.

STATUS: Completed 08/2017.

Mech Picture Standard casting
Here is a Nightsky painted in a cold-weather camo scheme. It has Lyran Alliance markings, and a snow-dusted hex base. It is part of a medium lance that includes:
  • Enforcer III
  • Enfield
  • Nightsky
  • Stealth

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 12/2001.

Mech Picture "3055 Color Panel"
Standard casting
Nightsky is a medium hatchet mech, in size between Hatchetman and Axeman. It is fast with lots of pulse lasers. This mini was painted to match the one shown in the color plate of TR 3055, which shows a gray and purple paint scheme. House Davion insignia have been added by request.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 12/1999.

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