This mech is also known by its Clan name, "Conjurer". In early 2004, Hellhound was added to the list of "unseen" mechs. The original appearance of the mech will no longer be used in official products. A new "reseen" sculpt was released in 2005.

Mech Picture Reseen casting
This is the reseen Hellhound. It has been painted in Clan Steel Viper's Beta Galaxy colors.

STATUS: Completed, 12/2005.

Mech Picture Unseen casting
This Hellhound was painted in a conceptual paint scheme intended to represent Clan Ice Hellion, Zeta Prime Galaxy. This scheme was approved as canon with the following text: Zeta Prime Galaxy often paints its machines in a solid white scheme, with blue and purple trim to match the Clan insignia (which is proudly displayed on the left side of all units).

STATUS: Completed, 2/2004.

Mech Picture "Greedo Mech"
Unseen casting
A Clan second-line mech based on the Shadow Hawk, the Hellhound is an effective medium mech. This example had the paint scheme based on the Star Wars character Greedo, giving rise to the mech's title. "Greedo Mech" is captured here crossing rough terrain after a victorious battle. Blast marks and light simulated damage add realism to this mech.

STATUS: Completed, 1993. Sold, October 1998.

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