Griffin IIC

Griffin IIC was first included in TRO 3055, and was later declared an "unseen" mech, whose image was removed from that book due to perceived copyright issues. The copyright issue arose shortly before the mini was ever put into production, and thus Griffin IIC is the only unseen mech that never had a mini. However, in 2003 a "reseen" version was released based on new art.

Mech Picture This mech is painted in the scheme of Clan Blood Spirit's Omega Galaxy. It was a little bit of an experiment in posing figures, and I like how it came out. This mini appears in Total Warfare on pp. 51,126.

STATUS: Completed 5/2004, not for sale.

Mech Picture This mech is painted in a green Clan Jade Falcon scheme, with markings from Omega Galaxy. I really like the art for this mech, and the sculpt is excellent to match it.

STATUS: Custom job, completed, 10/2003.

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