There are several sculpts of the Enforcer:

Mech Picture Resculpt (ENF-4R)
Here's an Enforcer in the Lyran DPM scheme. The 4R variant uses leg-mounted jump jets rather than the backpack; the gun barrels are also different than those of the 5D.

STATUS: Completed 12/2014.

Mech Picture Resculpt (ENF-5D)
This mini is painted in a jet black 3rd FedCom RCT scheme. The ENF-5D version uses the backpack-mounted jump jets.

STATUS: Completed 7/2013.

Mech Picture Sword and Dragon "Daniel" sculpt
This mini is painted in a 2nd Donegal Guards paint scheme, and shown on a steel plate base.

STATUS: Completed 9/2008.

Mech Picture Beginner set sculpt
This Enforcer has been painted in a green and brown Liao scheme inspired by some MWDA models. It was part of a set including a Hermes II, Cicada, and Hunchback painted for Randall Bills to use as prizes for Gencon 2005.
This mini appears on the inner box of the Classic Battletech Introductory Box Set.
This mini appears on page 13 of the Painting and Tactics Guide from the Classic Battletech Introductory Box Set.

STATUS: Completed 7/2005 and delivered to GenCon 2005.

Mech Picture "Hammerhead 2"
Original sculpt
This Enforcer is a battlefield buddy of the similarly painted Trebuchet I have. It is painted in an alpine camo scheme, with 3025 Steiner / Lyran Regulars markings.

STATUS: Completed Oct. 2001. This mech is not for sale.

Mech Picture "Justice 911"
Original sculpt
Here is a patriotic American paint scheme on an appropriately named Enforcer. I think it kicks ass.

STATUS: Completed Oct. 2001. Sold, Dec. 2001.

Mech Picture "Hammerhead"
Original sculpt
This mech goes with a Trebuchet as my entries into a 3025 Battletech tourney in Omaha, NE 1991. Out of 60+ people, I got 2nd place. As one of my earlier paint jobs, this guy is fairly mediocre. :) In the final battle, Hammerhead was decapitated by a series of lucky shots from a Phoenix Hawk.

STATUS: Completed 1991. Stripped, 2001.

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