Mech Picture This Enfield is painted in the colors of Burton's Brigade.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 1/2005.

Mech Picture Enfield is a 50-tonner from TR 3058, and is similar in many ways to the older Enforcer. This one is painted in a drab camo with Eridani Light Horse / SLDF markings. It's one of the first mechs in which I flocked the sides of the hex base, as well as the top.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 12/2001.

Mech Picture Here is an Enfield painted in a cold-weather camo scheme. It has Lyran Alliance markings, and a snow-dusted hex base. It is part of a medium lance that includes:
  • Enforcer III
  • Enfield
  • Nightsky
  • Stealth

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 12/2001.

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