Here are the various sculpts of this mini:

Mech Picture This Crab has been reposed to give it a running stance and to upgrade the guns. It's painted in a custom Solaris scheme (Imperatrix Stables).

STATUS: Completed 7/2013.

Mech Picture This Crab has been reposed to give it a running stance. It's painted in the desert camo scheme of Longwood's Bluecoats.

STATUS: Completed 11/2008.

Mech Picture "Killa"
This mech is painted in the classic all-white Word of Blake paint scheme. The markings are for the 1st Division. The Mechwarrior's callsign ("Killa") is printed on the left leg. It appears in Total Warfare on pp. 131, 257.

STATUS: Completed 1/2006. Sold, 5/2007.

Mech Picture This Crab was painted as part of a painting demo I did in Chantilly, VA in December 2003. It's a solid green drab scheme with ComStar 10th Army markings and is mounted on a city street hex base.

STATUS: Completed 12/2003. Sold, 04/2004.

Mech Picture "Raw Crab"
The crab mech is one of the best new-tech era guerilla fighters published. With a potent mix of speed, weapons, and armor, it can deal a lot of damage and retreat before being overwhelmed. Raw Crab is a green version of the Cooked Crab, but with Liao markings. Painted by Katherine Fanjoy.

STATUS: Custom Job, delivered 08/1999. New photo, 07/2021

Mech Picture "Cooked Crab"
The Crab is a classy medium mech: It's fast, heavily armed, and very hard to kill. This mini is painted in a mottled red scheme based on actual Terran crabs. It has an impressive record in tabletop play. Painted by Katherine Fanjoy.

STATUS: Not for sale. Completed Aug. 1999.

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