Here are the various sculpts of this mini:

Mech Picture Box-set casting
This mech was painted in a dusty camo scheme inspired by a painting of an Avatar.

STATUS: Custom job, complete 10/2003.

Mech Picture "Bags"
2000 casting
This Bushwacker was painted to represent the one piloted by Sgt. Kevin Bagwell of the 4th Crucis Lancers during the Battle of Monte Diablo. It features a shark mouth on the nose, which didn't come out as good as some. This mini is also the newer (circa 2000) casting Bushwacker, which is slightly larger and more textured than the older version.

STATUS: Completed, 3/2002. Sold 5/2002.

Mech Picture "Snake Eyes"
Original casting
This mini is an example of the smaller, original casting Bushwacker from the mid-1990s. This mech is part of a lance that also contains an Owens, Blackjack, and Cougar. The lance is done in a desert camo airbrushed paint scheme, and has markings from house Marik. Bushwacker is a multi-role medium mech from 3058.

STATUS: Custom Job, delivered 12/1999.

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