Mech Picture "Hook"
This mech is painted in the classic all-white Word of Blake paint scheme. The markings are for the 1st Division. The Mechwarrior's callsign ("Hook") is printed on the right leg. It appears in Total Warfare on pp. 143, 256, 257, 267.

STATUS: Completed 1/2006. Sold, 5/2007.

Mech Picture Shiver me timbers, it be a Buccaneer in a custom pirate scheme! This salty dog has seen better days, hence the peg leg. A green Elemental / parrot is perched on its shoulder.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 12/2003.

Mech Picture Yar, this Buccaneer be painted in the colors of the Davion Heavy Guards.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 6/2003.

Mech Picture "Desert FIRE"
The Buccaneer is one of the most capable medium mechs published to date. It is fast enough and heavily armored enough to survive in drawn-out battles, and has a potent mix of long- and short-range firepower. "Desert FIRE" is outfitted in an effective two-tone airbrushed desert camoflauge, and has a label stating "FIRE" on the large laser.

STATUS: Sold, March 1999. New photo, 7/2021

Mech Picture "The Word of Blake"
This mech from TRO 3060 is one of the new designs fielded by the ComStar faction Word of Blake. This particular example has a paint scheme based on the field uniforms of Word of Blake infantry, and is a welcome sight for friendly infantry and mechwarriors alike.

STATUS: Sold, 10/1998.

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