Mech Picture This Blitzkrieg is painted in a Lyran Regulars scheme. The scheme itself isn't from a book, rather it's my artist's conception of how I think some Steiner mechs should look. There's blue, gray, and sharp detailing; almost a little flashy. A perfect scheme for the core of the Lyran military. I replaced the original UAC-20 barrel of this mech with a less fluted one.

STATUS: Part of Dave's collection, completed Jan. 2002.

Mech Picture This Lyran Alliance mech is quite a terror: it moves 7/11 and carries a UAC-20. From 3060, it's one of the most playable IS designs ever published. This mini features a "Steiner Camo" airbrushed paint job and House Steiner markings.

STATUS: Sold, 10/1999.

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