Also known as "Black Jack". Sculpts include: See also Blackjack Omni.

Mech Picture AS sculpt
This miniature is modified from one of the plastic box set ones. It's part of a 1st FedSuns Armored Cavalry unit containing a Blackjack, Jagermech, Centurion, and Enforcer.

STATUS: Completed 06/2016.

Mech Picture Original sculpt
This mini was one of the prototypes for the official paint scheme of the Castilian Brigada from Neuva Castile, a deep periphery location from FM:Periphery. The scheme is now official, and shown on CamoSpecs Online.
The Castilian Brigada are fiercely nationalistic, so most military machines are flamboyantly painted in the national colors. Vertical stripes of green and yellow are used on the limbs of 'Mechs, but the torso and head are left a dull metallic color.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 4/2004.

Mech Picture Original sculpt
This Blackjack has been modified to the BJ-3 variant. I also moved one of the arms up into firing position. This mech is painted in an urban camo scheme, with custom merc markings. It is part of a battalion of matching mechs.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 5/2003.

Mech Picture Original sculpt
This Blackjack has been modified... I reposed the arms so that they point forward; I think this looks more menacing. The paint scheme is a 3-tone airbrushed Taurian Concordat scheme.

STATUS: Completed, 12/2002. Sold, 1/2003.

Mech Picture Original sculpt
This Blackjack is painted in a custom merc scheme. It has been slightly modified to the BJ-1DB variant by replacing the auxillary weapons on the arms with a single ML on each.

STATUS: Custom Job, delivered 10/2002.

Mech Picture "Privateer"
Original sculpt
This mech is part of a lance that also contains an Owens, Bushwacker, and Cougar. The lance is done in a desert camo airbrushed paint scheme, and has markings from house Marik. Blackjack is a mech from 3025.

STATUS: Custom Job, delivered 12/1999.

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