Some of the early production Bishamon figures were shipped without the auxilliary weapons. If you find one like that, contact Iron Wind Metals for replacement parts.

Mech Picture This Bishamon is painted in the colors of House Kurita's elite 2nd Genyosha. It is part of an entire battallion I did as a custom order. It includes general numbering in Kanji, and red numbering to indicate it's a lance commander.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 12/2002.

Mech Picture "Palmer Yoshio"
Bishamon is a fast quad scout mech. It's one of the better quad designs ever released. This one is painted in a Kurita scheme as featured on the cover of the novel Path of Glory, and represents the mech of Palmer Yoshio.

STATUS: Completed 11/2002. Sold, 01/2003.

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