There have been several Wolfhound sculpts:

Mech Picture WLF-2H sculpt
This Wolfhound is in a Lyran militia scheme. I think all of the official schemes have "pale blue" as the base, but in one of the novels it described a pale yellow scheme with blue striping. Sadly, I lost my detailed notes on what inspired this.

STATUS: Completed 06/2016.

Wolfhound "Ivan Makarov"
Old casting
This Wolfhound is painted in a Lyran Regulars scheme. The scheme itself isn't from a book, rather it's my artist's conception of how I think some Steiner mechs should look. There's blue, gray, and sharp detailing; almost a little flashy. A perfect scheme for the core of the Lyran military.

STATUS: Part of Dave's collection, completed Jan. 2002.

Wolfhound "Phelan Kell"
WLF-1 casting
This is one of the new-casting (2000) Wolfhounds. It's a little larger than the old version, and the head is completely different (reflecting some artists' interpretation of the picture in TR 3050). Personally, I like the wolf-like head better. Anyway, this one is in a brown Wolf Clan paint scheme, to reflect the ride of Phelan Kell shortly after he was captured by the clans.

STATUS: Custom job, completed Dec. 2001.

Wolfhound "Shrike 3"
Old casting
Here is an updated version of the "Serpentine" Wolfhound. It's painted in the official 3rd Royal Guard scheme, with a lot more detail than my attempt from 10 years ago. :)

STATUS: Dave's Personal Collection, 12/2000.

Wolfhound "NAIS Instructor"
Old casting
Wolfhound is one of the best light mechs ever published for the Inner Sphere. This Wolf is assigned to the New Avalon Institute of Science in FedCom space, and is used to help instruct recon mechwarriors.

STATUS: Completed, 7/1999. Sold, 10/2002.

Wolfhound "Third Royal Guard Recon"
Old casting
Wolfhound is one of the best light mechs ever published for the Inner Sphere. This example is painted as the mech of Lt. Steven "Serpentine" Shrike of B-tech 3056 MUSE. It's also the first airbrush job I ever did on a mech.

STATUS: Completed in 1994, stripped in 2000.

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