Puma / Adder

The Puma was released in several versions:

Puma Resculpt casting
Here's an example of the newly-resculpted Puma. It's a little larger than the old version, and the PPC arms are similar to the resculpt Masakari's. This Puma has the Steel Viper Beta Galaxy scheme. It's fun to paint scales on that big flat surface.

STATUS: Custom job, completed, 4/2007.

Puma Original casting
This is an original-casting Puma which has been modified to have larger arm weapons (pieces from the 25mm Elemental). It is painted in the Clan Steel Viper Gamma Galaxy scheme, with scrubland camo based on the pattern of the Eastern Copperhead.
This mini appears in the Tech Manual rulebook on p. 51.

STATUS: Completed, 7/2005.

Puma Box set casting
This is the MechWarrior 3 casting of the Puma, easily identified by the strakes on top of the torso. It has been painted in the gray leopard-pattern scheme of Clan Smoke Jaguar, and includes CSJ decals. This mech is the work of Katherine Fanjoy.

STATUS: Completed, Jan. 2002. This mech is not for sale.

Puma Original casting
This mech is one of the early 3050 Clan omnimechs. The mini is part of a Clan Ghost Bear Star painted in a CGB snow camo scheme. The Star consists of:
  • Dragonfly
  • Uller
  • Puma
  • Fenris
  • Ryoken

STATUS: Custom job, delivered February 2001.

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