This mech was declared "unseen" in early 2004. The original appearance for it will no longer be used in official products. Variants:

Mech Picture Fantech version
This miniature is a Peregrine in CSJ Alpha Galaxy colors.

STATUS: Completed 04/2015.

Peregrine Reseen casting
This Peregrine is painted in a Clan Snow Raven Gamma Garrison Galaxy scheme.

STATUS: Completed 1/2007.

Peregrine Unseen casting
This Peregrine is painted in a Clan Ghost Bear winter camo.

STATUS: Custom job, complete 11/2003.

Peregrine Unseen casting
This mech is painted in an urban camo scheme, with custom merc markings. It is part of a battalion of matching mechs.

STATUS: Custom job, complete 5/2003.

Peregrine "Ripper Cactus"
Unseen casting
Peregrine is a simple, straightforward Clan light mech that plays like a medium mech. This one has been painted in a two-tone arid camo with accents and details placing it with Clan Jade Falcon.

STATUS: Won 3rd place in a local painting competition (damn 40k minis!).
SOLD, July 2000.

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