Owens was produced in 2 versions. In addition to the original, there was a special version in one of the MW3 box sets, which is identical except for some raised shapes on the arms.

owens Box-set casting
This owens has been painted in the 3-tone deret camo of House Kurita's Arkab Legion.

STATUS: Custom job, completed, Nov 2003.

owens Original casting
This mech is part of a Kurita Lance. It has a three tone light forest camo scheme, and is meant to go with two other lances and form a company. The lance includes: Daimyo, Dreadnaught, Owens, and Lynx.

STATUS: Custom job, completed, Sept. 2001.

owens "Nomad"
Original casting
This mech is part of a lance that also contains an Blackjack, Bushwacker, and Cougar. The lance is done in a desert camo airbrushed paint scheme, and has markings from house Marik. Owens is an Inner Sphere omni mech from 3058.

STATUS: Custom Job, delivered 12/1999.

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