Locust IIC

There are 2 castings of the Locust IIC. The first from the mid-1990s is "unseen" and the art and mini are no longer produced. The second "reseen" is from 2003 and has an all-new appearance.

LocustIIC Reseen casting
This is the new Locust IIC. It has been painted in an arctic camo with Clan Ghost Bear markings.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 9/2003.

LocustIIC Unseen casting
The Locust IIC is a slightly bigger and faster version of the IS Locust. It is considered an "unseen" mech no longer published by FASA. This mech is part of a Clan Fire Mandrill recon star consisting of:
  • Phoenix Hawk IIC
  • Jenner IIC
  • Locust IIC
  • Jagermech IIC
  • Shadow Hawk IIC

STATUS: Sold, Sept 2000.

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