Koshi / Mist Lynx

The original casting Koshi was released in 1990. In 2006, a larger, more detailed sculpt was released.

Koshi 2006 casting
This mini is painted in the scaled scheme of Clan Steel Viper's Beta Galaxy. It appears in Total Warfare on pp. 143, 260.

STATUS: Completed, 01/2006.

Koshi 1990 casting
This mech is part of a Smoke Jaguar star, painted in a smoke camo. The star consists of:
  • Wotan (UK)
  • Shadow Cat
  • Ryoken
  • Koshi
  • Tree Frog (UK)

STATUS: Custom job, delivered August 2001.

Koshi 1990 casting
This mech is a light omnimech used by the Clans mostly for recon duties. The Koshi shown here has a three color camo scheme and green/gold ribbon trim. The hex base has blasted moonscape terrain.

STATUS: Sold, 09/1999.

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