Koshi / Mist Lynx

Sculpts include:

Koshi 2006 casting
This mini is painted in the scaled scheme of Clan Steel Viper's Beta Galaxy. It appears in Total Warfare on pp. 143, 260.

STATUS: Completed, 01/2006.

Koshi 1990 casting
This mech is part of a Smoke Jaguar star, painted in a smoke camo. The star consists of:
  • Wotan (UK)
  • Shadow Cat
  • Ryoken
  • Koshi
  • Tree Frog (UK)

STATUS: Custom job, delivered August 2001.

Koshi 1990 casting
This mech is a light omnimech used by the Clans mostly for recon duties. The Koshi shown here has a three color camo scheme and green/gold ribbon trim. The hex base has blasted moonscape terrain.

STATUS: Sold, 09/1999.

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