Jenner IIC

This mech was declared "unseen" in early 2004. The original appearance for it will no longer be used in official products. The "reseen" Jenner IIC was released circa 2005.

JennerIIC Reseen sculpt
This mech is painted in a simple camo with Clan Steel Viper markings. I used it to practice the scheme for the Matador I painted in the LPS2 contest.
This mini appears in the Tech Manual rulebook on p. 302.
It also appears on page 58 of the Introductory Rulebook from the Classic Battletech Introductory Box Set.

STATUS: Completed 4/2006. Sold, 7/2008.

JennerIIC Unseen sculpt
This mech is part of a Clan Fire Mandrill recon star consisting of:
  • Phoenix Hawk IIC
  • Jenner IIC
  • Locust IIC
  • Jagermech IIC
  • Shadow Hawk IIC
  • STATUS: Custom job, complete 12/2000.

Jenner "Fire Steed"
Unseen sculpt
Jenner IIC is the clan variant of the popular Inner Sphere mech Jenner. The clan version is even faster, and packs a lot of SRMs. This one is painted in the colors of Clan Hell's Horses.

STATUS: SOLD, July 2000.

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