Battle Hawk

In adition to the original sculpt, a revised sculpt based on the 3055U art was released in 2007.

Battlehawk 3055U sculpt
This mini is painted in a 15th Lyran Regulars scheme. It was part of the CSO diorama at Gencon 2008.

STATUS: Completed, 06/2008. Auctioned off to benefit CSO diorama fund.

Battlehawk Original sculpt
I modified this Battle Hawk's arms. The shoulders are angled down, and the arms are rotated forward at the elbows to give a more interesting pose. The scheme is my take on the black Wolf's Dragoons Zeta scheme.

STATUS: This mech was Sold, 07/2007.

Battlehawk "Ice Hawk"
Original sculpt
Battle Hawk is a tough little mech from 3058 that is capable of damage more fitting to a medium mech. This mini is painted in an ice plains camo scheme. It has Arcturan Guard markings, and it shows FedCom loyalties.

STATUS: This mech was Sold, 01/2000.

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