WD Warhammer (UK)

This is one of the Mechforce UK minis. It has some elements from other mechs (Warhammer IIC, Galahad, Madcat) cast together into a fine-looking "unseen" mech. The WD Warhammer (or, as MFUK says sometimes, "Warmer") is the Wolf's Dragoons version of the classic Warhammer, including some Clan-tech updates.

Mech Picture "Alpine Dragoon"
This is a second MFUK Warhammer (Warmer). It has a two-tone alpine paint scheme, and Wolf's Dragoons markings. The mini and the paint job seem to go together particularly well on this one.

STATUS: This mech was sold, June 2000.

Mech Picture "Wolfenhammer"
This mech is painted in the traditional 3025-era Wolf's Dragoons paint scheme.

STATUS: This mech was sold, 03/2000.

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