Viper / Black Python

This mech was declared "unseen" in early 2004. The original appearance for it will no longer be used in official products. A new "reseen" casting was released in 2005.

Mech Picture Reseen casting
Here's the newer version of the Viper. To make things nice and clear, I painted it in the same scaly Clan Steel Viper Beta Galaxy scheme I used on the previous one.

STATUS: Completed, 1/2006.

Mech Picture Unseen casting
This Viper is painted in the scaly Clan Steel Viper Beta Galaxy scheme. I used it to great effect in a tournament during GenCon 2003.

STATUS: Completed, 7/2003.

Mech Picture Unseen casting
Ok, here is a Smoke Jaguar Viper. The mech is fast with lots of pulse lasers and targetting computer; it's arguably the best / most annoying mech in the game. This one is painted in a gray smoke camo scheme with CSJ markings.

STATUS: Sold, June 2001.

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