Thunderbolt is one of the "unseen" lawsuit mechs. The design came from the anime series Dougram: Fang of the Sun, where it was known as "Ironfoot." There are several variants of the miniature:

Mech Picture Classic resculpt (prototype)
This mini is from the Camospecs Online diorama at GenCon 2018. It's painted in a Wolf's Dragoons Zeta Galaxy scheme.

STATUS: Completed 07/2018.

Mech Picture Classic resculpt (prototype)
This is a prototype of the Classic resculpt Thunderbolt that I got to paint at GenCon 2017 for the CGL display case. It's painted in a Marik Militia scheme. In some ways, I missed an opportunity because I could have instead painted this in a Free Worlds Guard scheme to match the one on the banners at GenCon. Oh well... there will be plenty of time for that when this mini gets mass-produced.

STATUS: Completed 08/2017.

Mech Picture Reseen 10M sculpt
This miniature is painted in an Oriente Hussars scheme.

STATUS: Completed 06/2016.

Mech Picture Reseen 10M Jumping sculpt
This miniature is painted in an Oriente Hussars scheme. It is painted the same as the non-jumping one, and is part of a set.

STATUS: Completed 06/2016.

Mech Picture Reseen 9M sculpt
This Thunderbolt has been painted in the Marik Militia scheme shown in the Field Manual: Free Worlds League. It includes FWL and MM insignia on it, and a drybrushed purple paint scheme that I was very pleased with. :)

STATUS: Completed and sold, 01/2003.

Mech Picture Unseen sculpt
This Thunderbolt is painted in a Skye Rangers scheme. A British roundel on the back denotes the mechwarrior's British heritage.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 10/2002.

Mech Picture "Wolf's Thunder"
Unseen sculpt
This mini is shown in the black paint scheme of Wolf's Dragoons. It was basically me attempting to cheese on an easy paint scheme, but I ended up paying for it when the auction closed. Live and learn...

STATUS: Sold, 1999.

Mech Picture "Lyran House Regular Command 3C"
Unseen sculpt
One of the classic heavy mechs, the Thunderbolt is renowned for its ability to take and recieve heavy fire. This mini is painted in Steiner House Regular colors, and forms a multi-purpose lance with the Flea, Griffin, and Axeman.

STATUS: Completed in 1993. This mech is not for sale.

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