Mech Picture "Modified Pirate Thunder"
Ok, I modified the crap out of this one. The fluff is that it's a salvaged Thunder (destroyed by head removal) with low-tech modifications and repairs. For stats, the AC-20 is replaced with an MRM-40, and the LRM is removed. The extra tonnage is used for a hatchet and jump jets. This mini appears in Total Warfare on pp. 125,281.

STATUS: Completed 8/2004. Not for sale.

Mech Picture "Conquistador"
Thunder is a heavily armored fast mech with an AC-20. Based on the styling of the mech, I decided to paint it in flambouyant colors like a conquistador. Note the simulated metalwork on the morion helmet. Thunder is a pretty solid close-in mech, and with this paint scheme people will love to challenge you.

STATUS: This mech sold, 03/2000. Got an updated picture, 5/2003.

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