Thor / Summoner

Thor is unusual in that the stock variant is supposed to have one Madcat arm and one Thor arm. There have been several versions of the Thor:

Mech Picture Fantech version
This unusual-looking Thor is the B configuration, which relies on a mostly missile armament. This one is painted in a Clan Wolf scheme inspired by Mechwarrior Online.

STATUS: Completed 04/2015.

Mech Picture Resculpt casting (small legs)
This 'Mech is part of a Clan Jade Falcon Zeta Galaxy binary featured in the Alpha Strike book from 2013 on page 140. It was also used for the CJF Alpha Strike cards available at GenCon 2013.

STATUS: Completed 07/2013.

Mech Picture Resculpt casting (big legs)
This mini is painted in the Pharoah Keshik scheme from Clan Cloud Cobra.
This mini appears in the Tech Manual rulebook on p. 59.

STATUS: Completed 7/2006. Sold 7/2008.

Mech Picture Original casting
This mech is painted in a green camo ("treeline" camo from the MW4 video game). It has Clan Jade Falcon markings on it.

STATUS: Custom job, complete 10/2003.

Mech Picture "Divine Retribution"
Original casting
This Thor was captured by ComStar at Twycross. It has been painted in a ComGuards scheme, and is an insult to every Clanner who faces it.

STATUS: Custom job, complete June 2001.

Mech Picture Original casting
This Thor is a part of a set. The unit is painted in storm camo with Ghost Bear markings and consists of the following mechs: Madcat, Thor, Loki, Vulture.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered June 2000.

Mech Picture "Mechcommander Opponent"
Original casting
This mech is part of a set (sort-of) with the Atlas "Mechcommander". It is shown in the typical Smoke Jaguar enemy paint scheme seen in the PC game Mechcommander. A friendly-forces Savannah Master hover craft is also shown on the base.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered April 2000.

Mech Picture Original casting
This Thor / Summoner is part of a clan Ghost Bear Star. Teamed with a Supernova, Loki, Blackhawk, and Shadowcat this fighting unit is tough to beat. The mini wears 3-tone forest camo and red/black checkering, and shows the scars of intense combat duty.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered October 1999.

Mech Picture Original casting
Thor is one of the heavy mechs used by Clan Jade Falcon. This highly detailed mini has the Jade Falcon logo on its right leg, as well as checkering and other detailing that highlights the 3-tone camo scheme.

STATUS: Sold, 07/1999.

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