Templar (UK)

The Mechforce UK Templar (also spelled Templer by MFUK sometimes) is a highly modified Crusader. It is roughly the IS equivalent of the clan Blackhawk: it has 12 medium lasers and a bunch of heat sinks. This mech pre-dates and has no relation to the Templar assault omnimech.

Mech Picture This Templar is painted in the Night Stalkers scheme from the Camo Specs guide. It is part of a matching pair with a Katyusha.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 12/2002.

Mech Picture The paint scheme I chose is one of the variations of the field dress used by the Knights Templars crusading order from the middle ages.

STATUS: Completed Nov. 2001. Lost / stolen from mail 7/2002. Please contact me if you see this mini.

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