Ostsol is one of the "unseen" mechs. The picture for it is basically one of the Robotech Zentraedi battle pods squished flat and with arms added. Note that it is frequently misspelled "Ostol". In 2003, a "reseen" version was released with an all-new appearance. A few months later, a rocket launcher version was released with easier to assemble limbs.

Mech Picture Reseen RL casting
This mini is painted in the Marian Hegemony's 1st Legio Victrix scheme.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 5/2004.

Mech Picture Reseen casting
I like the reseen art much better than the unseen version, and the new stats are much nicer as well. This mini has been painted in a red Kurita Sword of Light scheme.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 8/2003.

Mech Picture Unseen casting
Originally a 3025 mech, Ostsol is famed for lasting an annoyingly long time in battle if played correctly. This one is painted in white with a red and black heraldric gyronny pattern on the front. It has been detailed quite extensively.

STATUS: This mech sold, 09/2000.

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