There are multiple sculpts of the Orion:

Mech Picture Kerensky sculpt
This mini is painted in the scheme of The Stealths from the First Succession War. It was featured in the CSO Diorama at GenCon 2015.

STATUS: Completed 07/2015.

Mech Picture Resculpt casting
This 'Mech is painted in the starry-night scheme for the New Belt Pirates.
It appears on the back cover of the Introductory Rulebook from the Classic Battletech Introductory Box Set.

STATUS: Completed, 1/2007. Sold, 7/2008.

Mech Picture Original casting
I used this mech to help develop the paint scheme for the Umayyad 1st Corps (which is now a canon scheme featured on CamoSpecs Online). The official scheme reads:
The Mechwarriors of the 1st Corps paint their machines in a bright yellow wit h teal trim. Flowing patterns of purples or blues are often added.
The scheme was inspired by the dress of the Spanish Moors from the 13th century AD.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 12/2004.

Mech Picture Box set casting
This Orion was painted in a 3-tone aggressor camo scheme with Lyran markings.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 6/2003.

Mech Picture "Fire Command"
Original casting
This is the Orion mech, painted in a reddish-orange paint scheme with regimental checkering. The figure is one piece (unless modified, like the previous Orion), so that is why the arms are up like that.

STATUS: SOLD, July 2000.

Mech Picture "General Kerensky"
Original casting
The Orion was the favored command mech by General Kerensky of the old Star League, and this mini replicates his mech. The arms have been repositioned to make the mini look ready for battle. The mini carries the Star League emblem and drab camo. The overall effect is an imposing figure of what an Orion SHOULD look like.

STATUS: Sold, 10/1999.

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