No Dachi

Mech Picture This mini is part of a group of 4 that I painted for the cover of the Kurita Boxed Set, which was released in late 2005. This mini also appears on the outer box of the Classic Battletech Introductory Box Set. It features the complex scheme of the 12th Ghost, including a star band and 12 phases of the moon.

STATUS: Commission work for IWM, completed 10/2005.

Mech Picture This No Dachi is painted in the colors of House Kurita's elite 2nd Genyosha. It is part of an entire battallion I did as a custom order. It includes general numbering in Kanji, and red numbering to indicate it's a lance commander.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 12/2002.

Mech Picture This No Dachi is painted in the desert camo scheme of the 2nd Dieron Regulars, as seen in the Draconis Combine FM. It is complete with the low-vis scorpion logo on the lower torso (though I overdid the "low-vis" part somewhat).

STATUS: Completed, 10/2002. Traded away, 12/2002.

Mech Picture No Dachi is infamous for its low battle value, which comes from the MRMs and the ability to overheat (which is actually key to using TSM). In the right hands, it worth much more than the BV suggests. This mech is part of a modern-tech 3060 Kurita Assault Lance. It has a flashy white and green Draconis Combine paint scheme, and each mech is a DC design. The lance includes:
  • Akuma
  • O Bakemono
  • No Dachi
  • Taisho

STATUS: Completed, Sept. 2001. Sold, Oct. 2001.

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