Mech Picture "Junkyard Dawg"
This mini was painted as my Round 1 entry in the Last Painter Standing II contest on The Miniatures Page [TMP]. The theme was "junkyard", and I chose to paint a beat-up camo Clan Steel Viper Rho Galaxy Matador holding a rusted I-beam. I had to modify the right hand to enable the 'Mech to hold the beam.
This mini appears in the Tech Manual rulebook on p. 302.
It also appears on page 30 of the Introductory Rulebook from the Classic Battletech Introductory Box Set.

STATUS: Completed 3/2006.

Mech Picture This Matador was painted by Katherine Fanjoy. The paint scheme is "Falcon Camo", as seen in the Jade Falcon sourcebook. It has the unit markings of Clan Jade Falcon's 7th Provisional Garrison Cluster. This mini appears on p 26 of Classic Battletech Miniatures Rules.

STATUS: Completed 9/2002. Traded to Iron Wind Metals, 9/2002.

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