Marauder is one of the "unseen" lawsuit mechs. In Robotech, this design was used for the Glaug (Commanders' Battle Pod. ) Here are the various sculpts of this mini: Marauder is related to the Marauder II and Marauder IIC, both assault mechs.

Mech Picture Prototype "newseen" mini
This Marauder is a special prototype that I painted in a 5th Sword of Light scheme. It is the subject of a painting tutorial I wrote for Combat Manual Kurita which starts on page 106.

STATUS: Completed 06/2016.

Mech Picture "The Bounty Hunter"
Unseen casting
This is my take on the bright green Marauder of "The Bounty Hunter" from TRO 3025. I slightly reposed the legs to put him in a walking pose.

STATUS: Completed, 09/2009.

Mech Picture Reseen 9R casting
Here, I was experimenting with dark purple colors. The markings on this mech are for the Circinus Federation.

STATUS: Completed, 09/2004. Sold, 12/2004.

Mech Picture Reseen 9S casting
This Marauder appears on CamoSpecs Online representing the 25th Arcturan Guards. The black bands indicate the pilot's opposition to Katherine Steiner-Davion.

STATUS: Completed, 04/2004. Sold, 05/2004.

Mech Picture Reseen 9L casting
This Marauder was painted as part of a promotion on CamoSpecs Online. The paint scheme is Langendorf's Lancers, a mercenary unit described in the upcoming FM: Merc revised. I modified the pose of this Marauder by putting both feet on the ground.

STATUS: Completed, 01/2004. Sold, 04/2004.

Mech Picture Reseen 9L casting
This Marauder is painted in the colors of the Davion Heavy Guards.

STATUS: Custom job, completed, 06/2003.

Mech Picture Reseen 9L casting
This is one of the new "reseen" Marauders. It is a lot bigger and more gangly. This one is painted in a Davion alpine camo scheme. a joint effort by Dave and Katherine. Text on the left arm reads "Death to the Clans".

STATUS: Completed and sold, 02/2003.

Mech Picture "Moving Mechs: Chad"
Unseen casting
This Marauder is painted in a WWI German lozenge paint scheme, based on one from a Friedrichshafen G.III heavy bomber. There is a base of gray, plus the night-time lozenge coloring and unit flashes. This mech is part of a set that I did for people that helped me move in summer 2002.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 8/2002.

Mech Picture Unseen casting
This mech is part of a custom Kurita unit that includes the following mechs:
  • Catapult K2
  • Marauder
  • Stalker
  • Katyusha

STATUS: Custom job, delivered June 2001.

Mech Picture Unseen casting
Here is a marauder on a custom rock base. It has a 3-tone woodland camo scheme, and is part of a set with a custom Black Knight.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered April 2001.

Mech Picture "Morgan's Lion"
Original Casting
This mini is of the original casting marauder. It is pretty rare these days, and was replaced by the more common casting around 1987. The mini shown here bears the paint scheme of the mighty Morgan's Lions unit sent to fight the Smoke Jaguars on their home planet Huntress.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered 08/1999.

Mech Picture "Old School"
Original Casting
This mini is of the original casting marauder. It is pretty rare these days, and was replaced by the more common casting around 1987. This mini has a 3 tone badlands paint scheme, black and red trim, customized insignia and House Davion markings.

STATUS: Sold, 09/1999.

Mech Picture "Seat of Power"
Unseen casting
MAD-5S Marauder is a Lyran modification to the stock Marauder design. It features 2 ER PPCs and a Gauss Rifle, which makes it as lethal at long ranges as any 75 ton mech. General Steven Shrike used this mech with brutal efficiency in the conflicts of 3056.

STATUS: Completed in 1994. This mech is not for sale.

Mech Picture "War Master"
Unseen casting
Once common on the battlefield, this mech has become scarce since its discontinuation by FASA due to copyright issues. This example is painted with a 3 color camoflauge scheme and adorned with decals from EFFECTS MINIATURES.


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