Jagermech variants Related mechs include Jagermech III.

Mech Picture AS version
This miniature is modified from one of the plastic box set ones. It's part of a 1st FedSuns Armored Cavalry unit containing a Blackjack, Jagermech, Centurion, and Enforcer.

STATUS: Completed 06/2016.

Mech Picture Original casting
This mini was one of the prototypes for the official paint scheme of the Castilian Brigada from Neuva Castile, a deep periphery location from FM:Periphery. The scheme is now official, and shown on CamoSpecs Online.
The Castilian Brigada are fiercely nationalistic, so most military machines are flamboyantly painted in the national colors. Vertical stripes of green and yello w are used on the limbs of 'Mechs, but the torso and head are left a dull metall ic color.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 4/2004.

Mech Picture "Paper Cut Killa"
Mechcommander casting
This mini is from the Mechcommander boxed set. It is painted in a St. Ives Compact scheme, and the left leg features the text "Paper Cut Killa". Armed with precision or armor piercing rounds, this mech is a cheap way to peck an opponent to death.

STATUS: Custom job, completed 6/2003.

Mech Picture Original casting
Jagermech is supposed to be an improved version of the Rifleman. for the original, they traded damage potential for better heat management. Later they upgraded to more powerful autocannon. This one is painted in the black scheme of the Liao Death Commandos (as seen in the Capellan Confederation book). The picture doesn't show it too well, but there are some gray and green details also.

STATUS: Sold, 10/2000.

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