Mech Picture This Falconer is painted in the scheme of the 32nd Lyran Guards.

STATUS: Completed 6/2008.

Mech Picture This mech is part of an alpine lance assigned to House Davion. The lance is intended to be a heavy long-range skirmish force, consisting of: Bandersnatch, Falconer, Penetrator, and Yeoman.

STATUS: Custom job, delivered April 2000.

Mech Picture "Desert Fox" The Falconer was the last mech designed by Hanse Davion. At 5/8/5, it is the most mobile 75 ton mech in the IS, and it carries a Gauss and ERPPC. This mini honors "The Fox" with FedCom insignia and desert drybrush paint scheme. The Falconer is one of the most fun mechs to use in single combat.

STATUS: Sold 01/2000.

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