Mech Picture "Bam"
This mech is painted in the classic all-white Word of Blake paint scheme. The markings are for the 1st Division. The Mechwarrior's callsign ("Bam") is printed on the left torso. It appears in Total Warfare on pp. 256, 257, 259.

STATUS: Completed, 1/2006. Sold, 5/2007.

Mech Picture This Exterminator is painted in an Eridani Light Horse scheme with markings from the 151st Striker Regiment.

STATUS: Completed, 5/2004.

Mech Picture "Flying Circus" The unusual paint scheme on this mech is based off a common WWI German aircraft scheme known as "lozenge" or "Flying Circus." Many of the leading aces of WWI flew aircraft with this scheme, and it serves as a symbol of bold one-on-one hunting. The Exterminator is a mech designed to eliminate enemy command mechs, so it is ideal to wear the Flying Circus paint scheme.

STATUS: This mech is not for sale, completed 1998.

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